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Welcome to Billings Information Technology, your source for website design, development and hosting. I offer a variety of services, including:

*Solutions to enhance your existing website
*Custom design and development of a new site
what all could you do for them? you give me a list and i can flesh it out

I am adept at a variety of 

Effective Training Inc. 
Developed and maintain company website (, created and edit technical part drawings, slides, presentations, graphics, and handouts

GT Enterprises
The film stuff you do

Created and maintain host server for peer-to-peer file-trading network

Developed a promotional site for an independent sports organization

Technical Knowledge

Network/System: name of network at work or components or whatever?

Operating Systems:  Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, DOS, Macintosh, RedHat Linux

Design Software:  Pagemaker, Photoshop, Visio

Internet:  Javascript, JAVA, CGI Scripting, Newsgroups, Streaming Audio and Video 
Technologies, Email systems, Netscape, Internet Explorer, FTP, IRC

Audio-Visual: MPEG-1, MP3, DivX;-), MPEG4, ASF, WAV, AVI

Languages:    HTML, DHTML, XML, C++, Javascript, BASIC

Other Software: Microsoft Office, the one you do slides in???, what else?

Education (remove this?)

Student at University of Michigan, Dearborn Campus: Freshman working towards BA in Mechanical Engineering?

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