The information contained on this page, will help you in determining the range of pricing involved in web creation. For an estimate based on your  design needs, fill out our quote form page

Your content can be text, graphics, photos, forms, navigation etc. The biggest factor in determining the cost to build your project is the volume of your content and the amount of programming involved to make your web function. 

Once built you pay us a monthly fee to host your web on our server. Each month we monitor your position with US and worldwide search engines, submitting  your site as needed.

If you have special programming needs (Perl, XML, ASP, Flash, audio & video) we will put together a custom package for you. Tucson Web Creation is dedicated to affordable professional web site design. If you require more information please send us an email.

One page billboard $100 Single page, photo, email link, text.
Mini-Web  $250-$400 Several linked pages, graphics, text, email link, forms, gif animation.
Medium Site $500-$600 Same as mini-web, more pages & content.
E commerce $700-$900 A med site with a shopping cart up to 50 items.
Online store, with database $1000-$2500 A store package with more items and images.
Make-over email Email us the URL and info on what needs to be done.
Maintenance $25 hr. We can maintain your site at an hourly rate.
Scanning $50 hr. Photo scanning, gif building, artwork
Promotion email Included with any design package or hosting plan
Monthly Hosting $22.95-$39.00 Most webs are $22.95 per month, large shopping carts or special needs range a little higher.
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